The Shamans of Rock & Roll

We live in challenging times.  Political unrest, economic uncertainty, dangerous climate change, and spreading terrorism seem to threaten our very existence.  To survive this transformation we must re-remember who we are and our vast inheritance.  Hungry for deeper meaning?  The message of The Shamans of Rock & Roll is needed now more than ever. 

Our greatest rock and roll stars were like shamans to their tribe. The Shamans of Rock and Roll explores the shamanic influences in the early lives and music of Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, and John Lennon.*  Each of these artists underwent some heavy initiations that gave them the power to transform rock and roll into a potent magical experience.

Rising from the cauldron of the turbulent 1960’s – with its societal upheavals and escalating war in Vietnam – came the music that would transform a generation. Millions of fans tuned in and were turned on by rock and roll. And, like shamans from our distant past, our rock and roll superstars journeyed to magical realms and brought a message of truth back to their tribe – inspiring their audience to wake up and change the world.

By creating a compelling musical and visual landscape interspersed with interviews from today’s top artists and shamanic content experts – this film goes beyond the usual rockumentaries by revealing the mystical underpinnings and experiences in the lives of Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, and John Lennon. From the alienation and hard times of their youth through their initiations into shamanhood – these rock and rollers transformed themselves and ultimately communicated what they’d discovered to all who would listen.

Today, with our climate of increasing social and political dissatisfaction, people are again hungry for some truth. Inspired by our rock and roll shamans – perhaps we can all rediscover this truth by undertaking a shaman’s journey of our very own.

* The shaman archetype is by no means limited to these four artists – but, I’ve chosen to focus on these four rock & rollers in order to explore the shamanic paradigm’s view on musical creativity – and, its implications for the larger culture.