Bob Dylan’s official website
Official Bob Dylan website featuring Bob Dylan news, music, books, album info, tour dates and more.

Expecting Rain
This is one of the pioneer sites dealing with Bob Dylan, Dylan’s influences, lyrics, records and the latest concert reviews. Its “news” page is updated daily.

BowieNet – the official David Bowie website
The official David Bowie web site. News, message boards, and Bowie’s boutique ISP.

Bowie Wonder World
This is a multi-award winning fan site dedicated to David Bowie. It contains daily news, lyrics, discography, online communities, photo galleries, information and archives on all aspects of his career.

Experience Hendrix Interactive official website
Official Website of Jimi Hendrix with news, music, videos, album information and more!

Jimi Hendrix Foundation
James “Al” Hendrix, father and sole heir to the estate of his late son Jimi Hendrix, created this non-profit charitable foundation to raise capital and provide funding of programs in art, music, community education and health.

The official John Lennon website
Official website for the icon John Lennon, the legendary singer-songwriter who founded the Beatles.

Imagine Peace
This online community is committed to imagining peace – and keeping John and Yoko’s vision alive. “War is over, if you want it.” “It’s Time for Action. It’s Time for Change” . . . Yoko Ono

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies offers training programs in shamanism and shamanic healing. Courses are based on the pioneering work of anthropologist Michael Harner, who brought shamanism to contemporary life in the West.

The Four Winds
Alberto Villoldo Ph.D., a medical anthropologist and psychologist, founded The Four Winds Society after spending over 30 years in the high Andes and the Amazon training with master shamans. They offer classes and in-depth training programs in luminous healing and energy medicine.

Ligmincha International
Bön is Tibet’s oldest, indigenous spiritual tradition – and was partly absorbed by the Buddhist traditions introduced from India in the 8th Century. Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche founded Ligmincha Institute in 1992 in order to preserve the ancient teachings and practices of the Bön Buddhist tradition.

Shaman Links
This excellent website provides general information on shamanism, shamans, and shamanic practices. The site also provides links to shamanic teachers and to shaman healers/practitioners listed by state.

Shamanic Journeys
Nicki Scully has been teaching healing, shamanic arts, and the Egyptian Mysteries since 1983 after her first visit to Egypt with the Grateful Dead. Her private tours to Egypt are a shamanic journey in and of themselves.

School for the Shamanic Arts
Founded by the Reverend Esther Miriam Jenkins, this school offers a variety of classes that explore shamanic and energetic traditions. She has studied with Alberto Villoldo – and has traveled to Peru and received sacred Inka initiations with Juan Nunez del Prado and Americo Yabar.